What Is SSD VPS Hosting And How It Benefits Your Business

VPS Hosting is the preferred hosting option for small-sized and medium-sized businesses that operate online. It provides you the benefits of shared hosting and dedicated hosting to the users. Storage devices are classified into two types like Solid State Drive or SSD and Hard Disk Drive or HDD.

This article discusses the differences between SSD and HDD VPS hosting to form the right decision in the business.

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Comparison between SSD and HDD

  • SSD drives draw less power. This helps in increasing the battery life of the device. HDD, on the other hand, draws greater power and adversely impacts the battery.
  • As SSD uses flash memory for data storage, the magnetic disk effect on data doesn’t cause its sudden elimination. HDD, stores data in circular platters and magnetic format where can wipe data and make it more vulnerable.
  • SSDs do not have moving parts and produce very little vibrations and noise. HDDs have platters for data storage and cause noise and vibrations at the time of movement.
  • SSDs are expensive than HDD. It delivers superior performance to any website. Though HDDs cost less, they also offer low website performance in the longer run.

Why Prefer Linux SSD VPS over Linux VPS?

There is an increase in the use of Linux SSD VPS. This is because of the additional functionalities that it provides to the user. SSD VPS is effective at fulfilling the requirement for greater RAM and CPU space. Linux SSD VPS is the default storage medium of drives that make the performance of servers a lot more dependable and efficient.

SSD uses flash memory for storing data that enhances the read-write speed substantially. This leads to better performance of the server and the website loading speed. HDDs, on the other hand, use movable platters in place of flash memory. This makes them more susceptible to damage and a less durable and credible storage medium.

A website that loads quickly is seen to have better SEO and Google search engine results. SSD VPS hosting solution leads to fast loading websites that improve the overall page ranking on Google.

Why Should You Look For A Reliable VPS Hosting Service Provider?

The best method to make the website powerful is to invest in an efficient and affordable VPS hosting service. Their services help businesses create a robust website that offers the best ways to connect with key clients and spread the word about the company and services.

It also assists them to achieve success in the market. A good hosting provider would not just make the website look impressive, but also makes it convenient for site visitors to browse through the website. Their VPS hosting ensures the utmost safety of valuable data present on your website.


The selection of the right storage option for VPS hosting depends on the business needs. The above comparison of individual storage device technologies will help you form a wise decision.