How to Make Your Laminated Bags Visually Attractive?

Obviously, everyone loves good quality laminated bags. They are attractive, durable, easy to store, and comfortable to carry around. However, that’s from the customer’s viewpoint, what about your perspective as a business owner? If you are willing to use laminated bags as a promotional item for your brand, how do you think they will steal the show?

Well, the answer is simple – simply make them more attractive. If you aren’t very good with the designing part, here are some tips to help you. Read it all before placing your next bulk order of laminated bags.

Tip to make laminated bags more visually appealing

  1. Work on your logo design

Did you know, on an average every laminated bag is seen and noticed by over 6000 individuals? Yes, that’s true, and this means, you should take extra care on what you are printing on them. Starting with your logo. Make sure your logo is well-placed on the bag. If you don’t have one, create one. Your logo reflects your brand, and thus it should be the center of attraction on every laminated bag which you put out in the market.

  1. Work with an experienced manufacturer

When you contact a knowledgeable manufacturer like Custom Grocery Bags, they already know all the ins and out of marketing with laminated bags. They will help you match the laminated bags with your existing collateral. Also, since they handle bulk orders, you can expect to get the best quote.

  1. Choose the right colors

If you are starting a new business, it is recommended that you select an appropriate color theme for your brand, as well as promotional items like laminated bags. Fortunately, there are countless options available for both, base color of the bag as well as printing. So, select something which is both visually attractive, and noticeable.

  1. Select an appropriate pattern

Yes, laminated bags come in a variety of patterns. You can have one with pockets, extra case, and much more. However, no matter what pattern you select, ensure you have enough space to put your business logo, name, and some advertising content right in the front.

  1. Don’t disregard the sides

You just cannot afford to waste the sides since they occupy a third of your laminated bag space. If nothing else, at least print your company logo, name and business tagline on the sides.

  1. Advertise your current products

The best thing about laminated bags is they can be ordered frequently. So, you can include details of your current products on the bags you order now, and may be change the design before the next order. All in all, use those bags to promote your existing products well.

  1. Try to attract environmentally conscious customers

Reusable laminated bags are just great for environment. Make sure you include some “Earth First Motto” in your design, and even mention how your laminated bags are eco-friendly. Environmentally conscious customers will appreciate your step, and make sure to use your bags more frequently.

So, you see, by making just a few changes, you can come up with an excellent laminated bag design. For any further guidance, you can always depend on the professional designers working with